Over the last decade, depression among teenagers has increased by more than 60%.

Almost a quarter of young people in Australia show the symptoms of probable serious mental illness.

57% of young Australians admit to frequent feelings of extreme loneliness and isolation.

Suicide has become the leading cause of death among teenagers in Australia. 

350 young people take their own lives every year – more than die on the roads.

The Youngharts Network is committed to making a difference in the lives of young Australians by providing access, community, connection, support and financial assistance to young people in need. 

Each year, we help over 25,000 young Australians between the age of 6 and 25 years of age through our many creative programs and community building endeavours.  

Through our Youngharts Network, we give away over $100,000 in scholarships and bursaries each year to assist young people who are experiencing financial hardship or distress.

We receive no government funding.

We receive no major corporate support.

We help the youth of Australia thanks to the support of our donors. 


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